Forging the Future of Defense

Our firm excels in defense and humanitarian fields, offering advanced training, weaponry, aerospace innovation, and critical aid. Distinguished as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business, we’re known for global partnerships and specialized expertise, setting us apart in delivering worldwide innovation and support.

Built By WAR

Our comprehensive suite of products and services allow us to custom built solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


At WAR, we recognize the warfighter as both the weapon and the wielder, delivering a comprehensive array of defense solutions. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of munitions and weapon systems, ranging from 9mm rounds to the formidable 155mm howitzers, alongside advanced weaponry, tactical gear, and essential medical supplies. We cater to every facet of military and first responder equipment needs—from procurement to battlefield deployment and support. Dedicated to equipping the United States and its allies with cutting-edge, timely solutions, WAR ensures unparalleled combat readiness and operational capabilities. Our commitment extends to the nation’s first responders, providing them with the superior gear and support they deserve. WAR embodies excellence and innovation in the defense and humanitarian sectors, setting the standard for support, readiness, and technological advancement.


Leveraging unparalleled partnerships in aerospace and commanding billions in missile technology transactions, our mastery in the aerospace domain stands uncontested. As we navigate the future of warfare, our focus broadens to encompass the vital roles of UAV/UAS, guided munitions, and the strategic procurement of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, along with their armaments and essential components. This expansion also includes a comprehensive approach to airport operations, ensuring seamless support for aerial assets. The era of advanced combat dynamics has dawned, and we are poised to spearhead this evolution, equipping our clients with the capabilities necessary for decisive aerial dominance. Our commitment is to not only sustain but to elevate our leadership in securing the skies, propelling our clients towards unmatched aerial victories.


Our R&D process is the crucible for innovation, transforming cutting-edge ideas into practical, deployable solutions. In the dynamic arena of modern warfare, victory hinges on the continuous evolution of defense technologies. Our focus spans from sophisticated munitions and anti-thermal mitigation to revolutionary light/laser technologies, integrated with advanced communications, robust database systems, and biometric identification technologies. Success in this rapidly changing battlefield environment will belong to those who master the art of information dominance and leverage these technological advancements to propel the warfighter into an unprecedented level of combat efficiency and strategic prowess. Through relentless innovation and a commitment to excellence, we aim to redefine the parameters of military effectiveness and security.


At the heart of healthcare innovation, our company supplies a comprehensive range of medical products, from basic band-aids to advanced trauma gear, surgical equipment, and deployable surgical tents. We ensure healthcare professionals have access to the essential tools they need, including oxygen tanks, medications, medical PPE, and EMS vehicles, to provide top-notch care in any situation. Dedicated to excellence, we equip medical responders with the resources necessary for lifesaving interventions, supporting health and safety across all environments.


We are at the forefront of logistics for the defense and humanitarian sectors, providing critical supply chain solutions with unmatched precision. Our services range from procurement to delivery of military and emergency relief resources, ensuring timely and efficient distribution regardless of the mission’s complexity. Leveraging advanced technology and deep industry expertise, we optimize operations, support vital missions, and enhance efficiency across challenging environments. Our dedication to excellence ensures the success of operations critical to saving lives and securing communities, reinforcing our position as a trusted logistics partner.

Humanitarian Aid

Our organization is a pivotal force in humanitarian aid, delivering comprehensive assistance across the globe. From life-sustaining food and clean water to clothing and temporary shelters, we ensure that those in crisis have access to all essentials. Our efforts extend to providing medical supplies, educational materials, and support services, catering to the immediate and long-term needs of affected communities. By harnessing a network of global partners and utilizing strategic logistics, we aim to not only meet but exceed the demands of humanitarian relief, embodying our commitment to compassion and care in every action. Our mission is to offer a beacon of hope and tangible support to individuals and families facing the toughest times of their lives, making a lasting difference in the world of humanitarian aid.

An array of resources

Our product lineup ranges from basic first aid supplies, like bandaids, to advanced deployable surgical tents for medical care in any setting. We offer a wide array of defense solutions, from 9mm ammunition to Mark-84 GBU series guided ordnance. Our transportation options include efficient GoPeds and sophisticated Attack Fixed-wing aircraft, covering every tactical or humanitarian need. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of products and technology to meet all operational requirements to include food and communications.

  • Weapons
    • Small arms ammo and weaponry
    • Large bore munitions and weapon systems
    • Vessel-mounted weapons systems
    • Vehicle-mounted weapon systems
    • Aircraft-mounted weapons systems and ordinance
    • UAV Weapon Systems
    • Rocket and Missile Systems
  • Aerospace
    • Guidance systems
    • Missile Technology
    • Fixed Wing Aircraft (Commercial and Military)
    • Rotary Wing Aircraft (Commercial and Military)
    • Delivery Systems
  • Research
    • Anti-Thermal Mitigation Technology
    • Communications
    • Radar/Sonar
    • Non-lethal diode technology
    • IR and Thermal Optics
  • Humanitarian/Medical
    • Medical Supplies
    • Shelters
    • Sanitization
    • Food
    • Water
    • Clothing

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