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Pioneering leaders in defense technology, materials, logistics communications, munitions, light/laser technology, non lethal options, essential gear, and humanitarian efforts.

Jon Williams

President & CEO

Jon Williams is a retired Combat Marine with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose extensive military and professional experience has positioned him as a leader in the defense industry. Throughout his military service, Jon demonstrated tactical and operational expertise in pivotal roles, including Marksmanship/CQB Instructor, K9 Handler/Trainer, Amphib. Raider, PSD VC, and SOC Platoon Leader. After retiring from the military, Jon transitioned to the defense sector as the Director of Business Development at Stonehold for nearly 11 years. In this role, he effectively managed extensive defense material procurement projects, significantly impacting corporate revenues through multimillion-dollar transactions. He was responsible for maintaining a vast national and international network and managing both B2B and B2C relations.

Daniel Alvirez

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Alvirez, a distinguished graduate with a BS in Criminology from Arkansas State University, has cultivated a robust career in law enforcement and business development. His journey began with a 14-year tenure at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, followed by 8 years at the Bull Shoals Police Department. Concurrently, Daniel was a key figure at Alternative to Lethal Specialties (A.L.S.), where he not only served as a part-owner but also held the position of President. Under his leadership, A.L.S. experienced unprecedented growth, escalating its annual revenue from $80,000 to $40 million. His strategic guidance and vision were instrumental in scaling the business and ultimately leading to its successful sale. Throughout his career, Daniel has provided extensive support to the U.S. State Department, enhancing agency operations and bolstering departmental capabilities.

Lt. Col. Ben Ponder

Chief Procurement Officer

Ben Ponders holds a Bachelor’s and an MBA in Finance from Hawaii Pacific University and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. His military service as a Senior Medical Administrative Officer in the United States Air Force equipped him with critical skills in operations management and emergency planning, earning him accolades such as the Air Force Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster. After the military, Ben transitioned into defense materials procurement, where he has successfully managed the acquisition of a diverse range of military hardware, including weapons systems, ammunition, and various aircraft, and ground vehicles. He also coordinated humanitarian aid packages, leveraging his extensive military and academic background to excel in the defense sector.

Clint Meyers

Chief Technology Officer

Clint Meyers, a Central Washington University graduate, is renowned for his expertise in military-grade electro-optic and laser technologies. With nearly three decades of experience, he has developed advanced systems including low-light and night-vision systems, high-power lasers, and non-lethal visual disruption tools for the DoD, DoJ, and law enforcement agencies. Clint also designs specialized imaging technologies for government and civilian use and advises U.S. military branches on non-lethal and obscuration projects. A seasoned trainer in visual targeting and disruption, Clint has started the largest non lethal light / laser military program in theh world and drives ongoing innovations in electro-optics and imaging from his Washington State base, maintaining WAR Inc.’s leadership in defense technology.

Ariana Williams

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ariana Williams is a seasoned recruitment professional with a diverse background spanning multiple industries and a strong educational foundation from Montana State University of Billings. She began at Manpower in 2016, progressed through logistics and transportation at Trillium Driver Solutions, then moved to corporate roles at TrueBlue Inc. and Aero Precision, LLC. She shifted to healthcare recruitment at Cross Country Medical Staffing Network from 2019 to 2021, and has since specialized in IT recruitment at Experis and Dexian.

With her extensive experience and skills in mentoring, relationship building, and strategic sourcing, Ariana fills the role of Chief Human Resources Officer. Her leadership is set to significantly boost our capabilities in attracting and retaining top talent, thus driving forward innovation and excellence in the defense sector.


Chief Sales Officer

Adam Zapata

Account Executive

Adam McCullough

Account Executive